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New Build Development – Ulverston, Cumbria

A local developer was looking for a solution for waterproofing the lower ground floor area of a pair of new build split level semi detached properties in Cumbria.

The property is situated in a picturesque location at the foot of a sizable hill. Rainwater run off from the underlying bedrock was a clear issue when it came to the build design.

Basement2Rooms were asked to look at the engineers detailed drawings and provide a written specification for the waterproofing works. Working with the clients design team we made some significant changes to the design of the sub-structure detail which greatly reduced the build cost for the client. A specification was then provided for the application of a Type A tanking system namely Sovereign Hey’di K11.

Opting for structural reinforced concrete the retaining walls were designed to resist both ground and hydrostatic pressure.

A maintainable base drain was positioned to assist in reducing water pressure bearing on the structure, something that should always be considered.

The Sovereign Hey’di K11 tanking system was applied to specification to walls and then the remaining floor slab to provide a continuous watertight membrane.

Site works progressed on the rest of the build for approximately twelve weeks through to practical completion.

Much of this time allowed for the system to be thoroughly tested following periods of heavy rainfall and a build up of ground water run off from the hillside to the rear of the property.

Both the drainage facility and the Sovereign Hey’di K11 Tanking system are now successfully controlling ground water and preventing penetration.