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June 2015

Condensation in Basements

Waterproofing basements to prevent ground water ingress is only part of the story, albeit the first priority of course, but condensation must also be addressed if a basement space is to be considered ‘dry’ for habitation. Fail to address condensation potential at your peril with the list of effects including mould, mildew and the obvious

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Basement 2 Bedrooms

Whether you have a 2 bed house, a 3 bed house or even a generous sized 4 bed house, some families may find that they actually have more children than they do bedrooms – meaning that space can quickly become restricted. While many children may share a bedroom with their siblings, as they get older

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Basement Conversion Services for Architects & Professionals

Here at Basement2Rooms we offer a unique service to the waterproofing and basement conversion industry. If you are an architect or a professional operating within this sector, there are a number of ways that Basement2Rooms can support you in any basement conversion. With living space limited in the majority of homes in the UK, extending

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