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Basement 2 Bedrooms

Whether you have a 2 bed house, a 3 bed house or even a generous sized 4 bed house, some families may find that they actually have more children than they do bedrooms – meaning that space can quickly become restricted. While many children may share a bedroom with their siblings, as they get older some children just need their own space – that’s why converting your home’s basement into an additional bedroom allows you to free up valuable space in the home while providing your children with their own space and privacy.

For some homes, the only way of adding additional bedrooms is through building an extension onto the home – this means reducing the outside space and altering the layout of the home. However, for homes that have a cellar or basement, you are able to add an additional bedroom by utilising this space so that the footprint of the home stays intact.

 Basement 2 Bedrooms with

There are a number of benefits to converting your basement to a bedroom. One benefit, that may be favourable with older children and teenagers, is that a basement bedroom offers a great level of privacy as it is away from the main house. Another benefit to converting a basement to a bedroom is that it also provides a number of possible uses when it is no longer required as a bedroom anymore – for example, when your children are old enough to move out, you could potentially change the room to an additional living area or even a luxury cinema room! There are so many options.

The most important thing when transforming a dark and dingy basement into a cosy and bright bedroom space is that you make the correct waterproofing choice, and it’s application is correct – this is where Basement2Rooms can help. We offer a unique service within the waterproofing of basements and the basement conversion industry. Providing support as well as advice from the initial design right through to the complete individual specification. Our leading expertise in waterproofing will allow you to create that dream basement space that is perfect for adding an additional bedroom to your home.

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