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July 2015

Design Team CPD presentations at Basement2Rooms

At Basement2Rooms we are leading specialists in a range of services that can assist in any basement conversion. Eager to share our expertise with the professional architectural/engineering community, we are able to offer in house presentations which are informative and concise. Our presentations aim to not only broaden your knowledge of various techniques used within

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Basement 2 Kids Rooms

On the Basement2Rooms blog we recently took a look at the benefits to converting a basement to make room for an additional bedroom in the home. While adding a second bedroom can not only give you extra space in the home, it can also enhance the value of your home. If you already have an

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Canalside Country Cottage Conversion

We were contacted by a householder whose picturesque cottage, whilst being in a quaint location adjacent to a canal, was subject to flooding on a relatively regular basis, even though ground floor level was only slightly below external ground levels. Following strip out works and suitable preparation, a system of water management was introduced on

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