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Basement 2 Home Gym

Are you fed up with your pricey gym membership? Or your gym is so busy that you can’t even find a free treadmill? Gym memberships are sometimes not worth the money, that’s why many home owners are creating their own at-home gyms.

When building an at-home gym, you want to create a calm and spacious environment – an old exercise bike thrown into a cluttered bedroom is hardly going to motivate you towards your fitness goals. One way of creating the ultimate at-home gym is to covert your basement into a gym. 


A basement conversion is ideal for utilising any unused space into your home. Rather than have to lose valuable space by converting a bedroom into a home gym, a basement conversion makes effective use of a space that may have been previously unusable.

Another benefit of choosing a basement conversion for your at-home gym is that a basement is on a separate level to the rest of the home – providing a private area for you to exercise. As it is so secluded from the main house, you may find is easier to switch off and motivate yourself throughout your workout.

If you are interested in converting your basement into a luxury gym, here at Basement2Rooms we can advise you on every stage of a basement conversion project. From assisting with the layout design to implementing effective waterproofing, our services will help you add that necessary element of luxury to your at-home gym.

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