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Basement Conversions: Do I need Planning Permission?

If you extend your home or make major changes to any existing buildings, you are going to need planning permission.

Planning permission can sometimes make extending your home quite a lengthy process however the benefit to choosing a basement conversion over a built extension is that most basement conversions don’t actually require planning permission.

Planning permission is granted by your local planning authority, it is put in place to ensure that any building work on properties is properly sanctioned. As many basement conversions adhere to the home’s existing layout and do not extend a property’s original footprint, planning permission is generally not required.

However, if your basement conversion involves excavating to create a new basement or altering the appearance of the property, this will usually involve major building work. In such instances, you will need to seek planning permission before commencing the conversion.

For conversions that don’t require planning permission, you will find that not having to go through the lenghy process of planning means that you can get started with your basement conversion much sooner – allowing you to convert your basement to create an additional bedroom, a luxury cinema room or even an at-home gym!

While planning permission may not be required in certain cases, it is always advisable to contact your local planning department to double check before you undergo any building work on a property.

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