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Basement 2 Games Room

Basement 2 Games Room

Every home has a living room, every home has a kitchen…but not every home has a games room, right? The ultimate chill out room, a games room can have everything from a snooker table to a darts board in, it is also the perfect place to store your Playstation or XBox! However, finding the space for a games room in the house can be difficult – that is, unless your home has a basement or cellar.

Most home owners neglect their basements, leaving it as simply a room to score the old Christmas decorations and other bits of junk you don’t want lying around the house – sound familiar? However, by having a basement conversion, you can turn an unused basement space into pretty much any type of room that you like.

Unconverted basements are generally quite damp and unpleasant, but with effective waterproofing and an optimised layout design, any basement will feel like a true extension of your home’s living space adding tangible lifestyle benefits for all the family.

To ensure your basement conversion is as successful as possible, here at Basement2Rooms we can offer expertise and experience on advising you at every stage of a basement conversion project – from assisting with layout design to implementing a waterproofing system, our strong background in working with basement conversions means that we can provide you with a wealth of need to know info.

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