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  1. What systems are available?
  2. How do you choose the correct system for the project?
  3. Can you assist with specifications?
  4. Are Sovereign systems third party accredited?
  5. What if radon gas is an issue?
  6. Do you have approved waterproofing contractors?
What systems are available?
There are several generic waterproofing systems, most of which cannot be applied internally without structural support such as a blockwork wall. This can significantly reduce the free space within the building and increase project costs.

There are two main system types that do not require loading, cementitious coatings and cavity drain membranes.

Cementitious coatings are premixed compounds comprising cement, graded aggregates and chemical waterproofing additives. Supplied in powdered form they are site mixed with water and liquid polymers and typically applied by brush.

Cavity drain membranes are supplied as rolled dimple sheets manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE). This system is mechanically fixed to walls which creates a small cavity, typically 8mm, which guides any penetrating water to a drainage facility. Membrane is also placed upon the floor and effectively sealed at the wall/floor juncture to form a continuous sealed system. CDM’s wholly rely on the efficacy of the point of drainage.

How do you choose the correct system for the project?
It is critical that the correct system is chosen which can only be determined from site assessment and understanding customer expectations. A “one size fits all” attitude should be avoided as this can lead to problems.

A full account of site conditions, Ground water levels, drainage and the structural nature of the walls and floor should be made as this will inevitably guide the designed system.

Can you assist with specifications?
Yes, individual bespoke specifications are available free of charge from Sovereign Chemicals technical department upon request.

Site inspections can be made by a member of technical staff if deemed necessary.

Are Sovereign systems third party accredited?
Yes, Sovereign market both a Type A tanking and Type C cavity drainage membrane system both of which are British Board of Agrement (BBA) certificated.

What if radon gas is an issue?
Current mapping of the UK published by the BRE highlights many areas as having a heightened potential for concentrations of radon being above the 200Bq action level.

Properties at risk within these areas will require radon gas protection measures to be included in the works.

Type C forms of waterproofing can be designed to protect against radon gas as well as managing ground water ingress.

Sovereign have developed a Liquid applied BBA approved gas membrane. Radon Barriercoat which can be applied directly onto the Hey’di K11 tanking system to upgrade the design to address both ground water and toxic gasses.

Full individual specifications are available for Sovereign Radon Barriercoat on request.

Do you have approved waterproofing contractors?
Yes, Sovereign can provide a list of approved contractors nationally who fully understand the processes involved in structural waterproofing for both Type A and Type B forms. We can provide the specification and work with the design team and our contractor to ensure the design and application are correct.