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Planning Advantages

  • Better effective land usage

Public awareness of conservation issues have significantly increased in recent years with a strong emotional belief in the conservation of green belt land.

Inevitably with the need for large numbers of new homes over the years ahead efficient land useage will be the planners remit with the result being development at a much greater density.

Planning conditions are already pushing for the better use of development land and also the environmental performance of the building envelope itself.

A number of issues are changing the way we view land for domestic building. These include the increasing use of brown land, issues involving the density of dwellings and the need for increased domestic efficiency. An increasingly popular means of satisfying these requirements is the addition of basements to new dwellings or retrofitting basements in existing houses.

Basements have been receiving lots of press coverage lately, as designers in general realise what a cost effective solution basements are to land shortages and the use of brownfield sites.