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  • One size does NOT fit all!

Getting it right! has to be the key emphasis when it comes to structural waterproofing as the consequences of not doing so can result in serious problems causing additional costs and disruption.

Below ground waterproofing should never be viewed with a ‘one size fits all’ approach with each project assessed on it’s own merit.

Sovereign Chemicals have always encouraged the request for individual specifications and have produced tens of thousands of specifications for clients, contractors, architects and engineers. This approach significantly reduces the risk of choosing the wrong system for the job in hand.

Specifications are offered free of charge and are usually initiated by an initial site visit and a turnaround within 5 days. Each specification is issued with an individual number which is recorded for future reference.

Individual specifications are available for tanking, cavity drainage membranes and radon protection. See sample specs.

Hey’di K11 Tanking

SovDrain Cavity Drainage Membrane

Radon Barriercoat