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Basement Waterproofing, Bath

This is a stone built domestic property situated in the historical centre of Bath.

Our customer was looking for additional space to provide a dry environment for both wine and general storage.

The property had a lower ground floor basement level which consisted of two large vaulted areas and a main open area all of which extended out beneath the pavement frontage. Ground water ingress was a frequent problem when water tables were high.

The feasibility for the development of the basement for storage usage was assessed by a Sovereign Waterproof Specialist and a full bespoke specification issued for the use of the Type C SovDrain CDM8 Lath Cavity Membrane System.

Following preparatory works, the placement of a new structural floor and the positioning of the drainage facility the Sovereign SovDrain CDM8 lath was used for walls with the CDM8 used for the floor area.

This provided a fully sealed system with drainage capability to ensure any ground water entering the basement would be effectively removed without affecting the internal finishes.

In addition to the waterproofing consideration was given as to controlling the internal atmospheric environment with the inclusion of a Sovereign ConCure wall mounted positive input ventilation unit.

The whole project took just ten weeks from start to finish and has provided a comfortable, dry and valuable space for the customer’s intended usage.