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Communal Basement Storage Area, Glasgow

Our client owned a large city centre property which formed four rental apartments, storage space for the individual properties was limited and often put potential tenants off.

A full footprint basement level was present beneath the property which at best was damp and dingy and at worst flooded with ingressing groundwater.

Our remit was to provide a specification for the structural waterproofing of the basement with the intended usage being dry storage for household equipment, bicycles etc which would be divided into four secure areas.

Our inspection highlighted the condition of the structure, potential for hydrostatic pressure and the client’s expectations.

In this instance we issued a full specification for a Type A form of waterproofing namely the Sovereign Hey’di K11 Tanking System.

All walls were thoroughly mechanically prepared and a new reinforced concrete floor slab placed prior to the tanking works.

Points of groundwater ingress were stopped successfully using the Powder X water plug and the K11 system then applied to all walls and floor.

Walls were finished using the Renderlite Renovating Plaster and floors screeded and painted with a anti-slip coating.

Ventilation within the basement area was important if stored items were to remain dry, with this in mind a ConCure wall mounted PIV system was included in the specification.