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Existing Basement Waterproofing, Harrogate

With almost 100 groundwater springs recorded in Harrogate, it’s no wonder that the refurbishment of existing basements for habitable usage can prove to be challenging.

In this project our client was more than willing to take on the challenge given the overall benefits the developed basement would provide to both lifestyle and increased property value.

This is a traditional three storey grand Victorian residential property constructed from local Yorkstone, a type of sandstone.

Our client was looking to provide additional space within the property for use as home office space.

A thorough assessment of site conditions was made to determine the feasibility of conversion with regard to the structure itself and ground water control.

Following a site meeting with the client, a local architect, a Sovereign Approved Waterproofing Contractor and a member of our Technical Staff, a full specification was submitted for the preparation and waterproofing of the basement using the Sovereign SovDrain CDM8 Cavity Drainage Membrane System which is categorised as a Type C form of waterproofing.

New structural concrete floors replaced the existing Yorkstone slabs throughout the basement level with the slabs being retained for repositioning later.

A SovDrain sump and pump was strategically positioned within the basement which collected ingressing ground water via the perimeter SovDrain Channel network to provide an overall maintainable system.

SovDrain CDM8 Membrane was placed to walls and SovDrain CDM20 Membrane for floor areas which rapidly provided a clean and dry environment within the basement.

On completion walls were battened and drylined with an insulation board and floors screeded and reflagged.

A Sovereign ConCure 20/20 Wall Mounted Positive Input Ventilation Unit was installed to help control the atmosphere within the new space – a critical part of any basement conversion.

With an overall turnaround of 9 weeks the client was delighted with the end result and continues to find the added space valuable.