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Former Coal Storage Vault Conversion, London

This particular contract relates to a common finding with many central London properties, and indeed other city centre homes, an under pavement vault which would have been originally used for the storage of coal.

With the passing of time these vaults are more often used for general storage purposes of outdoor items such as bikes, but being too wet/damp for anything else.

However, such space is becoming increasingly valuable with many homeowners looking to utilise the area to provide available useful room.

The chosen waterproofing system must take into account, amongst many other factors, the situation/location. Being outside the building line and extending beneath the pavement, then a degree of flexibility must be considered. To this end the Sovereign SovDrain Cavity Drainage Membrane System was installed, being fixed to vaulted ceiling and walls, and laid across the floor to create a sealed waterproof system. Any water ingress was directed to a perimeter drainage facility and was discharged out of the vault via natural drainage.