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Waterproofing at a Leisure Facility

Sovereign were approached to provide a solution to a problem with water in a below ground situation. A basement it wasn’t – although the issue of preventing water movement was two-fold.

The structure concerned was a swimming pool constructed from re-inforced concrete.  This pool shell, being earth retaining, was subject to a hydrostatic head of water externally, and indeed water ingress was occurring. As such this ingress needed to be prevented before a suitable waterproofing system could be applied. Not only did the appropriate waterproofing system have to prevent water ingress of ground water, it also has to hold water once the pool was tiled and filled.

Powder X, a specially formulated fast setting cementitious powder, was used as a water plug to stop water ingress prior to application of the Sovereign Hey’di K11 Tanking System. This System was successful in providing the appropriate solution of both keeping ground water out whilst also keeping pool water in!