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A new basement can provide a comfortable desirable extension to your family home or business but will fail to meet your expectations if it is not heated and ventilated properly

Basement conversions are a fantastic way of adding useable space and in some cases provide a total new floor level to a building, however, fail to provide adequate heating and ventilation and moisture will remain an issue!

The consideration of providing good ventilation when designing new and converted existing basements is critical if the overall ambience is to be maintained.

Basements, being earth retaining and often with no external walls above ground level are prone to condensation. Cold walls, cool air and high humidity offer the perfect conditions for the germination of mould spores on internal surfaces.

Ventilation involves the removal of stale air from the home to allow new, fresh air easy entry into the building and is absolutely necessary to reduce humidity and prevent the accumulation of black mould spores. Mould can be harmful to the respiratory system and can cause the flaking, peeling and delamination of wallpaper, paint and plasterwork.

Positive input ventilation systems

Delivering clean healthy fresh filtered air into your basement

The Sovereign Wall mounted ConCure unit is a positive input ventilation system that takes fresh clean air from outside via a strategically positioned inlet duct, and replaces, displaces and dilutes the stale air in basements  improving air quality, reducing the relative humidity, and therefore controlling condensation related problems.