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Basement Conversion Services for Architects & Professionals

Here at Basement2Rooms we offer a unique service to the waterproofing and basement conversion industry. If you are an architect or a professional operating within this sector, there are a number of ways that Basement2Rooms can support you in any basement conversion. With living space limited in the majority of homes in the UK, extending

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Basement 2 Living Rooms

As the family grows it is no wonder that space in the home can sometimes feel a little limited. While you want to make sure that there is room for the kids to hang out, you also need a little space of your own too – that’s why UK homeowners are increasingly extending the living

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Basement2Rooms at the Scottish Homebuilding & Renovating Shows

Sovereign Chemicals Ltd was founded in 1965 and has long been acknowledged as a well respected name in the field of manufacturing and supplying products for the building and construction industry, being heavily involved in remedial damp proofing, structural waterproofing and timber preservative for over 45 years. Furthermore Sovereign has a team of technical advisors

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Scottish Homebuilding & Renovating Show

Existing Basement Waterproofing, Harrogate

With almost 100 groundwater springs recorded in Harrogate, it’s no wonder that the refurbishment of existing basements for habitable usage can prove to be challenging. In this project our client was more than willing to take on the challenge given the overall benefits the developed basement would provide to both lifestyle and increased property value. This is

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Waterproofing at a Leisure Facility

Sovereign were approached to provide a solution to a problem with water in a below ground situation. A basement it wasn’t – although the issue of preventing water movement was two-fold. The structure concerned was a swimming pool constructed from re-inforced concrete.  This pool shell, being earth retaining, was subject to a hydrostatic head of

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