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  • Professional advice on choosing the right system for you.

So what systems are available?  Many, is the answer but all systems will fall into one of three categories as defined in BS8102 – 2009. These are:

Type A – Tanked Protection

The application of a bonded waterproofing system. Commonly referred to as Tanking.

These types of system are designed to wholly prevent physical ground water from penetrating the structural walls and floors. Typical products used to provide Type A protection are liquid applied membranes such as epoxy or bitumous products, self-adhesive sheet systems and cementitious compounds.

Type B – Integral Protection

This form of waterproofing relies upon the structure itself to form a water resistant shell to resist ground water penetration. Typically Type B forms are constructed using specially designed concrete incorporating steel reinforcement. Walls and floors are structurally linked with waterbars placed at construction joint detail.

Traditionally Type B is created in larger scale commercial and civils development, however we are seeing an increased use in new domestic construction.

Type C – Drained Protection

The principle of this form of waterproofing is to allow ground water to penetrate the structure so not to allow hydrostatic pressure build up. This method manages penetrating water by guiding it to an internal drainage system via a sealed isolating dimpled sheet membrane and directing it to a suitable discharge point outside of the building.

The correct design of the drainage system is critical to its success.

Sovereign technical team are qualified surveyors of structural waterproofing systems (CSSW) and are there to offer advice and assistance on the appropriate design and system application for the project at hand.

Sovereign offers two forms of structural waterproofing system:

Hey’di K11 is a salt resistant cementitious tanking compound engineered to resist hydrostatic pressure whether applied externally or internally.  When applied to the internal side of the structure the K11 System will not require any supporting walls or indeed loading slab, thus enabling the designer to maximise useable internal space for the building occupants.

SovDrain is a pressed high density polyethylene manufactured with varying stud depths including 3mm, 8mm and 20mm which with an effective internal drainage facility will provide an effective long term solution to waterproofing issues in both new and existing buildings.

Both Sovereign’s Type A and Type C Systems have the benefit of third party accreditation in the form of BBA Certification and have been tried and tested for many years.

With thousands of written specifications produced annually there is clearly a requirement for professional guidance in waterproofing solutions but remember when it comes to choosing a system it’s not “one size fits all”, rather what is best for the structure once all design considerations have been addressed.

Sovereign have clearly seen the need for options early on and have continued tirelessly to develop and improve both our products and industry renowned technical service.