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Cavity Drainage Membrane

The Sovereign SovDrain Cavity Drainage Membrane is both a waterproofing and damproofing system based on a range of cavity drain membranes with varying stud depths including 3mm, 8mm and 20mm with ancillary fixing and jointing materials and drainage/pumping systems.

The SovDrain CDM system is suitable for providing water and vapour barrier in various above and below ground situations.

Cavity Drainage Membrane Systems unlike conventional tanking systems are not designed to hold water back. Instead the CDM system works by applying the membranes against elements of the structure forming a permanent cavity, any ingressing water is allowed to enter the cavity where it is effectively taken to a drainage facility and removed from the structure.

Both Sovereign’s Type A and Type C Systems have the benefit of third party accreditation in the form of BBA Certification and have been tried and tested for many years.

With over 1500 written specifications produced annually there is clearly a requirement for professional guidance in waterproofing solutions but remember when it comes to choosing a system it’s not “one size fits all”, rather what is best for the structure once all design considerations have been addressed.

Sovereign have clearly seen the need for options early on and have continued tirelessly to develop and improve both our products and industry renowned technical service.

Sovdrain Brochure (PDF format)