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Sovereign Hey’Di K11 Tanking system

The Sovereign Hey’di K11 System is an alkali-resistant synthetically modified cement which is mixed with styrene-butadiene and water, producing a waterproof slurry coating preventing both damp and water penetration.

The chemicals in the slurry react, penetrate and fill off or block the capillaries, bonding onto the prepared surface, forming a strong monolithic bond enabling it to resist hydrostatic pressure. Lateral/penetrating damp in above and below ground situations can be resolved for both old properties and new buildings using the Sovereign Hey’di K11 Tanking System. The K11 Tanking System has proved to be highly successful for waterproofing many varying types of structure worldwide for many years.

Tanking is the creation of a watertight envelope as it must be assumed that water pressure will come to bear upon the structure at some point in its life – BS 8102 refers. Therefore with any below ground or retaining structure, tanking should be applied to all surfaces below ground level, and ideally linked in with an effective damp proof course above ground level in order to achieve a continuous system.

The K11 Tanking System must be applied to structurally stable walls and floors, which must meet the current design standards/regulations for the intended purpose and situation. Floors must be of such design so as to resist both floatation stresses exerted by hydrostatic pressure and deflection from internal loading.

Although not always possible, the inclusion of a maintainable external land drainage system should be considered as an integral part of the overall waterproofing design.

Primarily the Sovereign Hey’di K11 Tanking System has been used for providing Type A waterproofing of substructures such as cellars and basements. However, the K11 system has also been successfully put to good use in many other damp proofing or waterproofing situations.

Features of the K11 Tanking System

  • Self supporting System
  • No requirement for supporting structures
  • Only 4mm in thickness
  • Provides maximum use of available space
  • Forms a monolithic bond with substrates
  • Tested to 15 bar pressure on negative side
  • Used successfully worldwide for many years
  • Straightforward application
  • No expensive specialised equipment required
  • BBA Certificate No 91/2608
  • Durable life of building solution
  • Suitable for new and existing structures
  • Applied to positive or negative side of structure
  • Variety of alternative uses

 Provides Type A protection in accordance with BS 8102

Hey’di K11 Tanking System Brochure (PDF Format)